Daniella Vale is an award winning film director and producer based in the vibrant city of NYC. With an illustrious career spanning the globe, she has cultivated a deep-rooted passion for cinema from a young age, inspired by her visionary uncles who were pioneers in experimental filmmaking.

Her cinematic journey began in Tokyo,  Japan working on a number of photography and documentary projects. After Tokyo, she ventured into the enchanting world of Bollywood, working with A-list Bollywood talent including working for Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment. 

Settling in the heart of New York, Daniella had the privilege of working in film production for well known brands including VICE, MTV, VH1, WEBMD, Comedy Central, YouTube, Google, Nasdaq, Prada, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen, Allure, Erika Lust and top talent including Alicia Keys, Deepak Chopra, Lucy Liu, Martha Stewart, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Lea Muses, Paul Tudor Jones, Eddie Stern, Fran Drescher, Krishna Das, Russel Simmons, Sugar Ray Leonard, Arianna Huffington, Fall Out Boy and many more.

With a diverse portfolio encompassing Fashion, Branded content, Docu-series, Narrative, and Editorial work, Daniella has made a significant impact across continents, showcasing her ability to produce captivating content in various locations throughout Europe, Asia, and The Americas. Her distinctive vision and astute direction have garnered her prestigious awards and recognition, including participation in the renowned Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in 2018, and being featured in Allure magazine for her daring directing work.

Beyond her remarkable film career, Daniella co-runs an art gallery and cultural space in Montevideo, Uruguay nurturing connections with talented artists from South America and Europe. Her influence extends to creative consulting for the arts, health & wellness, fashion, interior design, and other industries, where her unmatched sense of style often sets trends rather than merely following them.

A dynamic creative force with an innate ability to assemble and inspire top-tier teams around the world, Daniella's artistic prowess shines through in all her endeavors, producing awe-inspiring content that leaves an enduring impact. With her unique perspective, impeccable taste, and the capacity to push the boundaries of creativity, Daniella Vale remains a trailblazer in the creative world.




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